Does the following cycle seem familiar to you?
"I'm interested in losing weight/I want to lose weight." These are sentences we keep on saying/ hearing. 

Let's back up a bit and start from the start-

  • Most people start by surfing the internet for tips to lose weight (of which there are plenty available on various sites, citing even celebrity diet plans, etc.)
  • Having zeroed upon certain tips, one starts implementing them in random. If being able to implement religiously, one sees some results and feels it is working.
  • After a couple of weeks, the enthusiasm slips off. Then, one becomes so busy in their daily lives managing work, home and social life. Now the same diet seems difficult and you start feeling weak (partly because the diet which was followed robbed you of most vital nutrients, made you probably lose your most important muscle mass and was not a sustainable diet plan.) 
  • Then suddenly one realises there is a wedding/some function/or your own birthday coming up- and again comes the feeling of getting back to shape. So once again, enthusiastically you start by searching a good dietician. 
  • One picks up the phone and desperately books an appointment, even if it is 10-11 at night- as if it was a surgical reshaping/one expected the dietician to use a jaadu ki jappi.