So summers are here and everyone feels that there energy is drained even if you drink lots of water, you exercise regularly and you even take multivitamins. so what is it that's draining your energy ??

Here are the following food habits which drain your energy:

  • DEHYDRATION: Take enough of fluids as summers are here and we loose water and salt in form of sweat which drain our energy level and causes dehydration. Fluid intake should be increased in the form of water, nimbu pani, coconut water, thin lassi,etc. Don't forget to carry a bottle of water when you step out.
  • LACK OF SLEEP AND EXERCISE: Lack of sleep, exercise and good nutrition are the biggest energy drainers in most people's lives. 8 Hours of peaceful sleep is must along with 45min. of daily physical activity.
  • CAFFEINE INTAKE: Gulping tea, coffee, diet colas specially during night is not advisable as it may interfere with sound sleep as well as extra caffeine intake decreases absorption of iron in the food resulting in anemia which can lead to lower energy level.
  • SUGAR INTAKE: Snacking on sugary food will give you instant energy but it also fades super fast. Regular intake of sugary snack will lead to weight gain problems and also can lead to diabetes.
  • BIG MEALS: Having big meals at a time, your body will consume more energy to digest that. Instead, eat small amount of food in regular interval of time so as to maintain the energy levels.

Are you guilty of the above energy draining habits?? Change that behavior by consuming plenty of good carbs as a fuel for your body. How you eat them and in how much portion is the main key.

If your goal is to maintain your blood sugar levels and avoid late afternoon hunger pangs have small meals in every 2 to 3 hour so that you feel energetic and since different foods are absorbed into your body at different rates, eating a nutritious combination of foods at every sitting. For example, serving of low fat yogurt with a cup of fruit salad and an idli or a chapati or a slice of brown bread for breakfast which will ensure that you will get an instant boost of energy which will help you sustain throughout the day. 

Enjoy  journey to health,..!!