The smile line and the teeth that are visible when you smile are determined by several factors, including:

•The shape and size of your lips

•The shape and size of your teeth

•Your facial muscles

•Your gum tissue

Gummy Smile Treatment

Dentists can perform an advanced gummy smile procedure for severely excessive gum display. Gummy smile correction boosts your confidence when you smile, eat and speak. The appropriate gummy smile correction will depend on what’s causing it. 

Depending on the nature of your gummy smile, treatment for gummy smile may include:

• Veneers or crowns can help make the teeth appear longer and improve the tooth-to-gum ratio. 

• Lip repositioning surgery can be performed followed by orthodontic treatment. This can be a good alternative to jaw surgery if the excessive gum display is the result of a hyperactive or short upper lip.

• Laser gum treatment procedures can can also help to remove extra gum tissue. If you have a gummy smile, you feel your smile is unattractive and are sometimes reluctant to smile at all. 

Visit a cosmetic dentist to know about the treatment options available to fix a gummy smile.