Gorgon nut or Fox nut, an aquatic crop, commonly known as Makhana or Gorgon Nut, is an highly nutritious, fully organic non-cereal food, which is extensively grown in the stagnant water of wetlands, tanks, ponds lakes and ditches. Fox nut or Gorgon Nut is a type of seed we add into our weekly cereal or soup on a regular basis to help maintain overall health.

Nutrition of Gorgon Nut (Makhana)
The popped seeds of Makhana or Gorgon Nut, roasted and eaten as well as used in preparation of various kind of delicious sweets and recipes. It contains 9.7% easily digestible protein, 76% carbohydrate, 12.8% moisture, 0.1% fat, 0.5% total minerals,0.9% phosphorus & 1.4%mg iron/100gm. It also contains useful medicinal properties.

Health Benefits of Makhana or Gorgon Nut
Makhana is used as a treatment for arthritis and rheumatic pains.Like chrysanthemums, there are no side effects, nor drug interactions, to worry about when eating Gorgon Nut. Makhana, has been widely used in traditional oriental medicine to cure a variety of diseases including kidney problems, chronic diarrhea, excessive leucorrhea and hypofunction of the spleen.Gorgon Nut has been widely used in traditional oriental medicine to treat a variety of illness.