Here’s a 30 second video reminding you to follow a diet that is sustainable, sensible and long-term. A list of some of the positive outcomes one could expect from following the right diet:

1. Improved energy levels
2. Better immunity
3. Increased productivity at work
4. Improved skin texture (resolution of flakey, dry skin)
5. Improved hair texture (resolution of hair loss and a flakey, dry scalp)
6. Lowered risk of diseases later in life
7. Increased happiness quotient
8. Better self-esteem
9. Lowered likelihood of experiencing stress and anxiety
10. Graceful (aka less wrinkle-y) aging
11. Longer life expectancy
12. Less money spent on hospital bills and expensive medications

And lastly, fat mobilization! (God, you just can’t let that one go, can you?!)
Still need convincing to break your unhealthy patterns?