The first common hearing challenge you face at workplace with hearing loss is attending an all-in person meeting. Depending on the size, location and number of people attending the meeting, this can be a very difficult experience for a person who is having difficulty in hearing. 

Following these tips may help you to understand better in meetings

1. Arrive Early:  

Arriving early will help you to be strategic about choosing the right place to sit. Sitting in the center of meeting place almost always helps as you physically close to everybody in the room.

 2. Avoid sources of extraneous noise:

Try to sit far from the sources of noise, such as AC, fan or any other electric equipment that can hum. if your meeting room/ office is close to road, try to avoid sitting towards window.

3. Control the seating arrangement:

Try to organize the seating arrangement such that you can see the face of speaker, every hearing impaired uses some sort of lip reading or face reading skills. 

4. Request a microphone:

If possible, ask the speaker to use microphone it will help you as well others to hear properly. It will also minimize the interruptions and cross talks.

5. Ask for the key notes:

Try to get agenda ahead of time and the primary speaker's notes if they will share them. After the meeting, borrow the notes from your colleague's to fill in any blanks if you might have missed.

6. Utilize Assistive listening technologies:

Remote mics, (available with almost all hearing aid brands) can be used in these situations, you can use it as a table top mic in a panel discussion or you can give it to the primary speaker.

In these sort of conditions, speech to text apps also works well. 

IMPORTANT: Check with your company before using a speech-to-text app to make sure it is in line with company policy.