If I feel one with My Gods & Goddesses. then I can as a right Analyse the Personalities. May be It is Durga in the picture above saying along with me.

Goddess is flighty, keep her under wraps, do not display, do not hold her tight and do let her be ,Her True Self.

If analyzed according to Ayurveda, she has a Type A personality, the Vatta type, the Air type which flows, cannot remain stable at a place ( not possible to confine Air in a jar !)

Too Much attachment with her can make her miserable. Share her wealth with others.

In Sikh Dharma in Punjabi we say- Wand Khaye aur Khand Khao- Means people who share their booty with other(s) is equivalent to eating sugar !

3 Goddesses are worshiped around Diwali time.

Goddess Durga gives us protection from our enemies and she is worshiped days before Diwali.

Goddesss Saraswati, the Simple Goddess of learning is worshiped along with Goddess Laxmi during Diwali.

When we have such Rich Heritage among us, Is there any Reason for the Government to Make Slogans like Beti Bachao-Beti Padao ?

Why were girls getting educated 50 years ago Despite No Slogans or Govt. Freebies To Save the Girl Child ?

It is No Excuse that LEGACY has to be passed on and a son is a Must to light Funeral pier.

Govt. had to make PNDT act 94 to Save our Girls from getting killed after ultrasounds 1982 -1994 revealed that it was a female. Prior to that 1982 onwards , when there was No Fear of Laws, Doctors were Mercilessly Killing Girls in the womb one after another Ruining the Health of woman in the process due to injections for MTP carried out at advanced stage. This Mother was left to fend for herself Huffing and Puffing age 40 + due to a Cocktail of Illnesses 

Even if a son was borne after repeated tests, will she be able to enjoy ALL stages of growing up of her own son? Or Will the Granny put HER grandson on her Dry breasts ?

Society is divided like Never Before regarding Status of Girls.

Some parents start collecting Dowry from day 1 , other parents put a full stop after 1 girl.

Decent boys still abhor Dowry and feel proud in declaring that They Are Self Made.

Some examples worth sharing. Kapoor-Yes Bank has 3 daughters , Biyani of Big Bazar has 2 daughters ONLY .These Girls were borne years after ultrasounds could reveal about them being girls and Not The Son

Earn Wealth through Ethics of Saraswati, Divide equally among legal heirs so that there is No Need for Greedy Lawyers to Create Rifts and May Durga Protect from never ending legal battles.

Remember Goddess Laxmi is Flighty- Say No to Dowry and Say Yes to Education of Girls without intervention of government

Worship the Girl Child , the Abandoned Senior widow at home.

 Heavenly Goddesses up there are Watching !