Nuts are the underdogs of food world. They are vilified for no fault of theirs and are generally in bad light for being fattening, despite being super tasty and nutritious.

Therefore, we decided to take it upon ourselves to dispel each and every myth associated with nutritional value of nuts.

What do we know about nuts?

  1. That they are harmful for the heart

On the contrary, a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School concluded that those who include nuts as a part of their daily diet are less susceptible to heart diseases.

Nuts are indeed full of healthy fibres, vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and other substances that help in more efficient functioning of the body processes.

  1. That they make you gain weight

Another study busted this myth. In fact, the study observed that individuals who consumed nuts on a regular basis were more likely to maintain a normal BMI than individuals who did not.

  1. That they are unhealthy, fattening and merely a tongue tuck

Guess what? Another study confirmed that regular consumption of nuts extends the number of days one gets to enjoy this beautiful world.

S0, which diseases are nuts beneficial against?

According to various studies, nuts prevent a number of diseases and their symptoms when consumed on a regular basis; a concise list of them is given below:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases
  2. Inflammation
  3. Coronary problems
  4. Visceral adiposity
  5. Oxidative stress
  6. Insulin resistance
  7. Hyperglycaemia
  8. Endothelial dysfunction
  9. Diabetes mellitus type 2
  10. Metabolic syndrome
  11. Colon cancer
  12. Hypertension
  13. Gallstone disease
  14. Diverticulitis

But, then why are so many people allergic to nuts?

The faith in the health benefits of nuts is increasing to the extent that extensive research is being done on nut allergies and how they can be countered right from the early years of development.

Whether it is nuts as a whole or their butters, they provide great health benefits, which can be reaped throughout one’s life.

Some delicious ways of enjoying nuts are:

  1. Peanut butter sandwiches ­– They have high caloric content, ensure you lead an active lifestyle to enjoy this without gaining weight.
  2. Salad dressing – If you are not big on high caloric foods then simply sprinkle a few nuts on your salad.
  3. A trail mix of nuts – Mix and match different kinds of nuts and other confectionaries in a bowl for an evening snack. Watch the portion though.
  4. Roasted and salted – Roast a few nuts and sprinkle salt-to-taste to enjoy this anytime munch.
  5. Sweetened – Nuts and chocolates go great together. Dark chocolate is a great accompaniment for a flavourful snack.

At this point in the article, we hope that we have managed to help you see the nutritious side of nuts. However, do remember that this article refers to almonds and tree nuts with the exception of cashews and macadamia nuts, which contain too much saturated fat to help with these health benefits.