Getting a Tattoo is no way of showing Loyalty or showing off as being Hep! Dangers are a lot too many.

  1. One cannot donate blood ever in life if tattooed once during teen years.
  2. Tattoo ink has long term effects on Immune system. Certain inks are toxic, certain inks are known to be Carcinogenic.
  3. Fundamental Facts about tattoos are not explained as the person doing the job is an artist more interested in money and client is interested about 'lifestyle' and loyalty to partner.
  4. Metal based inks can react with Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) leading to MRI induced burns.
  5. Biopsy samples can be misleading. The color of ink can make the Lymph node look cancerous and interpretation is difficult. Sample needs to be examined more minutely.
  6. We know about types of infections caused by needles. For stitching an accidental wound , doctors take every precaution about sterilization of place, equipments etc. Tattoos are done as a routine in nearby market full of germs of all varieties which can be AIDS/ Hepatitis B through needles or Staph bacteria through environment. Some of these environmental bacteria are Resistant to Routine Antibiotics.
    3% of Tattoos do get Infected and it takes months to heal.Some tattoos can become chronic infection of skin like unknown dermatitis. Allergic reactions on skin which refuse to go away with time,skin infections can leave permanent scarring.
  7. It does affect the scope to get jobs in Corporate sector. Some companies ask the applicant during interview to get tattoo removed first and come later.
    Removing a tattoo is as difficult and risky job ,besides being expensive.
  8. Some doctors are getting tattoos, wearing a stud trying to make a statement that they are a part of crowd too but is it worth spreading this cooked up decency at cost of getting innumerable diseases.
  9. Want to look colorful and positive-Try Henna, pure leaves and unadulterated and feel the natural color.