Get your ACNE treated before it gets too late.

Acne or pimples is a common skin condition which usually affects the teenage population but there is no age limit to it .
Various factors associated with ACNE includes- excessive sebum(oil) secretion, hormonal imbalance, intake of drugs like steroids etc, excessive food intake with high glycemic content like chocolates , application of oils or creams etc.
Acne should be treated as early as possible as it might lead to pigmentation and scarring which leads to irreversible loss of beauty of our face.

A consultation with an experienced dermatologist is all you need to get a treatment for acne.
Various treatment options include topical clindamycin , retinoids, benzoyl peroxide gels alongwith oral antibiotics, retinoids and anti inflammatory drugs.

" A stitch in time saves nine" is aptly correct for getting your ACNE treated as early as possible.
So what are you waiting for ?? Contact us today for all your Acne queries and treatments.

Dr.Rohit Batra, MD(Skin)
Consultant Dermatologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital