Ever wondered how to get rid of your love handles or have slim waist? Do you have problems with your thighs rubbing against each other when you walk? Are you embarrassed with fat arms that make you look much older? Then have no worry. Lipobodysculpting is now available at your doorstep to take care of such areas of excess fat collection.

Lipobodysculpting is a safe and effective modality to get rid of excess fat deposition on body and limbs. It aims to remove fat in the subcutaneous area

(under the skin)  and give a slim body shape.

Fat once formedaround limbs and waist cannot be lost with diet and exercise. The adipose cellsshrink following an effective diet and exercise plan. Once the stimulus toloose weight is taken away, the cells grow back in size. Often people tend to grow back much more than what they started with. Also maintaining the bodyshape achieved with diet and exercise is very difficult. This leads to feeling of frustration with weight loss measures.

Lipobodysculpting removes fat cells from the deposits. It has been found that fat once taken away does not recur for up to 15 years! The procedure is done under local anaesthesia using very thin metal tubes called microcannulae. These cannulas have to be imported from USA. The procedure does not require any stay in the hospital. The area treated has to be covered with a compression garment for up to 2 weeks afterwards to help with healing of the fat compartment and maintaining the new shape.  

A few of my patients often ask if it is ethical to get rid of their bulge’s using lipobodysculpting whilst every one is busy with exercise and diet for bodyshaping. My reply to this is that lipobodysculpting only targets areas of fat deposits that will never go with body shaping measures such as diet and exercise.