Blazing sun and scorching heat are enemies to our skin. Just like every season requires a wardrobe change, so does our skin regime! Summer heat tends to make our skin dry and itchy making it prone to breakouts and pigmentation leading to regular visits to the skin clinics. On top of that the city's pollution and other environmental contaminants take away our skin's natural radiance, leaving it oily and dull. There are a lot of ways to lighten up the skincare regime during the summers, some of them are listed below:

1. Even if it's summers, your skin needs Moisturization:

Moisturization is critically necessary in all seasons!! It's a fact, be it summers or winters - moisturizers work wonders for the skin. Although in summers, one might resort to a lighter moisturizer with high SPF(Indian summers are harsh) making it easier to apply while keeping the layers less. Ignoring the moisturizer in any season is a big NO NO.

2. Use a foamy Cleanser:

Cleansing and toning remains important for all seasons. While in winters one might go for a cream or oil based cleanser that retains the moisture in the skin - in summers you can switch to a foamy cleanser that is light on the skin and makes the excess oil wash away.

3. Exfoliate your way to Smoother Skin:

Exfoliation gets rid of dulling skin debris and piled up dead cells. This debris prevents the skin from breathing and can congest the skin making it look dull. Getting rid of these dead cells is necessary through exfoliation - you can do-it-yourself or visit any skin clinic offering it.

4. Stock up your Sunscreens:

Although harmful sun rays are present throughout the year, the radiation of UV rays is maximum during the summers. Sunscreen should be mandatory in everyone's skin regime. From face to legs - you shouldn't ignore the neck region too! All the body parts that are exposed to the sun, needs to be protected.

5. Dedicate your Sundays to sheet masks:

Sheet masks are very effective during the summers, from restoring moisture to the skin - they're beneficial in refreshing the facial tissues immensely. Using the masks twice every week helps in bringing back the skin glow.

6. Protect your Eyes and Lips too:

Lips and eyes also need protection from the harsh sun, not just your skin. There are various lip balms with SPF in it to keep your lips plump and full of moisture. While under eye serums soothe the skin near the eyes, and help reduce the after-effects of sun exposure. The skin under the eye is very sensitive and shows the sign of wrinkles and fine lines if not treated properly.

7. Don't ignore your feet:

Feet are the most neglected body parts during the summers even when you tend to wear open footwears more! Exfoliate feet regularly and use a moisturizer and sunscreen after washing them, always.

8. Take proper baths and Maintain Hygiene:

Summers means sweat and sweat means bacteria. It is essential to bathe everyday (twice if necessary) and properly cleanse your skin with mild soaps or shower gels. And never forget lotions to restore the moisture lost!

This summer, bring out those cute swimming suits out, and do not fear the sun anymore. With these tips, you are sorted with your summer skin care regime. Just go out and Enjoy!!