Coconut cures Vaata and Pitta disorders, Blood disorders and burning sensation. It increases sperm count. Its water is cool and useful for the heart. Its water increases hunger and sperm count as well as quenches the thirst. It helps to clean urine bladder. Raw fruit’s water is nutritive and increases quantity of urine. Its water is bacteria-free. The body consumes its carbohydrates quickly. Green coconut’s water contains vitamin-B in proper quantity so one should drink it calories are derived from it and it has no effect on blood sugar.

Useful in Different Diseases:


Mix coconut water with lemon juice according to taste and give to the child for drinking one spoon at the regular interval of five minutes.The patient gets relief from dehydration by drinking little coconut water.An adult can take water of a whole coconut.

Hiccups and Vomiting:

Burn coconut hair and prepare ash. Mix 10 grams ash with 10 grams powder of big cardamom. Taking 1\4 grams, this mixture with honey prevents vomiting.

Peptic Ulcer:

Taking 100 to 500 ml water of raw coconut fruit twice a day provides relief in peptic ulcer.

Blood disorders due to Bile:

Grind seeds of strychnos potatorum, sugar and cardamom with coconut water. After that, take this preparation, it cures this disease and ends anuria and dysuria.

Gas Disorders:

Mix 70 ml juice of raw coconut, 3 grams ground Triphala and 2 grams black pepper powder altogether and take twice a day, it ends all the types of gas disorders.

Bloody Piles:

Burn coconut hair (Nearby coconut eyes) and prepare ash. Take 2 grams ash and after that drink 300 to 400 ml whey or curd twice a day regularly for five days.

Amoebic blood diarrhoea: 

Mix equal quantity of sesame and kernel of raw coconut and extract juice. Mix this juice with curd and ghee. 


Peel coconut and make a hole in it. Fill milk of banyan tree in this fruit and close its mouth with 2-fingers’ soil. Burn it on cow-dung until it burns well. Now remove its soil upper paste and extract juice. Take this juice with 5-6 grams triphala’s powder.