This article is dedicated to parents

  • Who is feeling proud to talk about the skill set of their 3-year-old in handling a smart phone?
  • Who has gifted a tablet for their child’s 4th birthday?
  • Who is smart in shutting their children’s attention-seeking behaviour by  putting a smart phone into their hand?


Generation “y” refers to the kids who grew up during the explosion of the media and social aspects of the Internet, causing them to spend so much time in front of the computer screen that they do not get any exercise and eventually become obese. The more time kids spend watching TV, the more likely they are to gain weight.

According to a latest report by WHO, around 22 per cent prevalence rate of obesity was reported in children and adolescents aged between 5 and 19 years over the last 5 years in India.More children are overweight and obese at the end of primary school than at the beginning.


At the age of 4 and half any child should be able to balance in an upright stance on a single leg with eyes closed. Unfortunately, couches, chairs, television, video games and computers negatively influence this pristine program for upright posture. 

It will eventually lead to the following orthopedic problems:
  • Hyperpronation (Flat feet)
  • Knock knees (Kissing knees)
  • Anterior pelvic tilt (over arched low back)
  • Winged scapulae
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Head forward posture ( Poke chin)


  1. Let them play everyday
  2. Eat together and play together as family
  3. They should participate in a Long term Athletic Program after primary school
  4. Less than 1 hour of media time per day
  5. Turn off the television during meal times
  6. Turn commercial breaks into activity breaks
  7. Do not use “screen time” as a reward or punishment
  8. Parents eating pizza will give birth to pizza-eating child…

Transformation should start from the parents.

Be The Change.