Fungal  infection  problem  has spread like a pandemic  in India since last 2 years  because  of drug resistant fungus. One must be very  cautious. It is spreading  among all classes of society. Earlier a disease of poor and unhygienic people.

Fungal Infections are on the rise.

They are highly resistant to the medicines


Advice for patients:

  1. Avoid western toilets.
  2. Avoid swimming  pools.
  3. Dont share towels and clothes.
  4. Avoid  self steroid creams like fourderm, quadriderm, clop gm, tigboderm, etc
  5. See a dermatologist  at the  earliest.
  6. Wear loose fitting clothes.
  7. Take  bath daily.
  8. Don't share slippers  and socks and shoes.
  9. See a dermatologist  well qualified.
  10. Start treatment  early.
  11. Take treatment  as advised  by a dermatologist
  12. Keep follow  up as advised.