Fungal Infections of skin are very common.They manifest in the form of ringworm,athletes foot(tinea pedis-common infection of foot),jock itch,ringworm of the scalp(tinea capitis) etc.These fungii thrive on the dead keratin that is the topmost layer of skin,and induce inflammation.

Where does this fungus grow?

Fungus is most commonly found in moist areas,which are warm like shoes,socks,tight clothing,swimming pools etc.It is most common in summers and in humid climates.

Today we will focus mainly on Jock Itch or Tinea Cruris.

This is a condition where in the fungus mostly affects the genitals,inner thighs and buttocks.It is seen in rainy season and summers.It affects men more than women and adults more than children.

Sites Affected and appearance-seen on inner aspect of thighs as ring like patches with scaling,surrounding redness and boils(vesicles) which is extremely itchy.

Symtoms Of Infection-

1) Redness in the affected area.

2) Burning 

3) Persistent itching 

4) Rash that doesnt improve with otc medicines

5) Worsening with exercise

Is It Contagious?

It is mildly contagious.It can spread from person to person through direct contact.

How is it treated?

There are factors which determine the treatment modality used-

1) Site of lesion

2) Extent of lesion

3) Chronicity

4) Patient compliance

There are general measures and medical approach.

Most important thing in curing fungal infection is to wash and keep the area dry with a clean towel.Do not wear tight clothing.Wear dry and fresh clothes always.Avoid using synthetic clothes.In recurrent infections prophylactic use of antifungal talc is necessary.

Medical approach includes topical creams to be used twice a day for a couple of weeks.Oral antifungals helps in severe cases.

Please visit a doctor in case of severe widespread disease and avoid over the counter medicines.