Fungal occurs due to the presence of fungus in the body.A Fungus is a group of organism that make spores. It can be anywhere, where there is moisture and they grown on skin like ringworm, athlete's foot,tinea capitis and versicolor, jock itch, they are not life threatening.

 Prevention of Fungal Infection : 

  1.Keep your skin clean and dry.       

  2. Change your socks once or twice daily

  3.Clean and dry skin fold areas.      

  4.Let your bath towels air dry completely before using them again.

  5.Boost your immune system by taking balance diet   

  6.Hydrate yourself by drinking water.

  7.Reduce your exposure to public areas where other people with fungal infection may have been.

  8.Do not share things with an infected person.

Prevent current infection

 1.Avoid scratching your infection.

2. Wash your hand frequently and keep them dry

3. Wear loose cotton cloths.

4.Follow the advice of your doctor.