Apropos body requirements, calcium demands need to be taken care of.  It is important since it is an absolutely essential mineral that helps support the development of healthy teeth, bones, muscles and much more.  

Calcium is indispensable mineral for human anatomy; it plays a vital role in our body. Hence, it is important to get adequate calcium. 

Dietary calcium is a better option than a supplement. Research has repeatedly discovered relationships between calcium deficiency and obesity. Getting enough calcium is a goal everyone needs to be consciously working to achieve.

People look for always dairy products and non-vegetarian options. But very few people know that even FRUITS can supplement them very nicely-

1. Oranges and Tangerines

Loaded with 43 mg of the recommended 1,000 to 2,000 mg daily intake for the average person, oranges and tangerines also contain a powerful amount of vitamin C.

2. Dried Apricots

Dried apricots contain 5mg of calcium in a 100g serving. A perfect choice for everyone, but especially hikers, bikers, and campers.

3. Kiwi

This tropical fruit looks rejuvenating because it is. Kiwi provides 34 mg of calcium per 100g serving. 

4. Dates

Dates are a delight for sweet toothed people. But did you know that each date contains around 15 mg of calcium?

5. Dried Figs

241 mg of calcium per cup and 13 mg per an individual fig, is per day recommendation.

6.  Prunes

In addition to aiding the colon and relieving from constipation, prunes (specifically dried prunes) can offer up 75 mg of calcium in a single cup.

7. Mulberries

8. Dried  currants

With  tangy flavor, it provides calcium up to  124 mg per cup.

9. Dried pears 

61 mg per cup. 

10. Watermelon

Last but not least, It gives 11 mg calcium to our body.