You must be wondering how Malaika Arora, Shilpa Shetty and Lara Dutta had shed their post pregnancy weight to become fab and fit.


  1. For post pregnancy weight loss consider Breast Feeding as it burns extra calories.
  2. Get enough sleep, take small naps as when you are stressed then it may become an obstacle to weight loss.
  3. Avoid harsh diets but eat healthy food. Ditch all junk food like biscuit, colas as they weaken bones and provide empty calories.
  4. Start off with some easy and basic exercises like stretching, pelvic floor exercise (which can help to firm up and recover your vagina). Mums recovering from c-sec delivery should not do any abdominal exercise and should consult with a doctor.
  5. Walk after every meal taken.
  6. Add more of proteins like daals,milk and milk products and fiber in form of veggies and fruits in your diet.
  7. Don't start loosing weight too early because when you are on breast feeding it can cause decrease in milk supply. so, a healthy meal pattern should be maintained.
  8. Outside food should be avoided as it may be unhygienic leading to get infection as well as may be calorie laden.
  9. Include skimmed milk and fat-free yoghurt for calcium needs and weight loss.
  10. Stay hydrated with lots of water and vegetable soups.

Be realistic about the weight loss as it is a long and slow journey.