A Person is a Person through other people,so says a Zulu phrase.A Father of daughters only with No Son learns to Stay connected within his peer group,though with difficulty initially and appreciation afterwards when he starts giving No importance to targeted remarks about who will Inherit after him & who will lit his funeral pier!

This man in Gujrat opted for family planning after 16 children -one Son ,rest daughters ,Because he wanted Another Son to look after him during his old age.

What will be the fete of 15 daughters? Will they be able to get Educated first & then get married or daughters will be given away to another family as brides, as Paraya Dhan?

Obsession for a male child is Contagious,a social ill passed on from one woman to another as Women with sons are supposedly at a Higher Platform.

What about Infertile Women ? No babies but lots to worry !

We are talking about Maternal Health. One can Imagine Health of a Mother with 16 kids to look after

During Emergency,Sterilization was made compulsory , There were no Ultrasounds during seventies!

Family Planning was a dreaded word after Emergency.

It was Changed to Family Welfare after Emergency.

A doctor has to learn Gyne+ Obs+ Family welfare as part of the syllabus.

A healthy baby & a healthy mother includes both of them plus other kids of same mother.

It is a Blessing to have a Normal Baby with a Normal Mother ( both physical & mental state)

This Man from Gujrat wanted another Son, and with the hope of getting 2nd son, his wife had to produce innumerable daughters.

This is Not Just a News but Routine affair in Rural India.

We as doctors can only counsel women about having both-healthy son/daughter

She can be guided instead of procedures being Imposed on her without her Knowledge.

Family Welfare or Family Planning , the term makes No Difference so long we have Healthy Mothers and Healthy Kids among us & Healthy Doctors who can Counsel the Entire Family before any procedure is carried out.