Abhijit, a 16 years old boy, only child of a bank officer, student of class ten, was brought to me by his parents. He was very poor in his studies. From class five to ten, he never secured more than 40% marks in exams. His mother was constantly trying to make him attentive to his studies. But, she failed. On the contrary, the boy developed hostility to his mother because of her constant pressure. The hostility was so severe that he tried to attack her with a knife! Hearing her scream neighbours came forward for her protection. By this incident his mother was so shocked that she was weeping and refused to stay alone with her son. Both of mother and son were treated by me for about 8 months. I used Hypno-counselling and Radionics Remote Healing for their treatment. This treatment helped the boy to improve his academic achievement and relation with his mother. It helped the mother to overcome her shock and love her child again. I kept track upon the family for about 10 years. Meanwhile, Abhjit, had passed M.Tech, M.B.A and was teaching in an Engineering College. He was married and proud father of a daughter. During this long period booster dose of my treatment was needed only for once, for two months.