Uneven Teeth or irregular arrangement of teeth play host to a list of problem:

1. food entrapment between teeth

2. dental caries

3. gingivitis

4. periodontitis

5. dental trauma

6. tmj trauma

7. halitosis [badbreath]

8. altered speech

9. unesthetic facial apearance

10.poor social interaction.

These associated problems, when seen individually pose a hurdle. But together can be eliminated by orthodontic treatment. It is a simple, painless treatment, where series of wires are changed every month till a stable relationship between the teeth are stable. Minute wire holding devices called brackets are attached to the concerned teeth and then the wires are placed between the brackets. The super elasticity of the wires bring about the movement of the teeth slowly.this treatment can be started at a variety of ages. But the age group of 11 - 14 years is ideal for starting the treatment as the bone in which the teeth are attached is supple and movement is achieved in relatively short period of time.

Treatment time varies according to the following factors:

1. patient age

2. patient compliance

3. severity of the presenting features

4. correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Usually duration of treatment is any where between 15 - 18 months, followed by a retention period of 6 months. The retention period is mandatory for the patients to follow as it consolidates the position of the teeth achieved by orthodontic treatment.

Cleft Rehabilitation:

The cleft patient presents with a different predicament altogether. 

There is a combination of 3 - 4 faculties involved in the rehabilitation of cleft patient:

1. Oral -Surgery

2. Orthodontist

3. Prosthodontist

4. Periodontist.

There are also other other specialities involved based on the presenting problems. Speech Therapist is one speciality that is intimately involved with cleft patients in their rehabilitation process.

In an adult Cleft Patient the task starts with an Orthodontist who performs an arch expansion procedure which takes few months depending upon the age.Along with arch expansion allignment of remaining teeth is also performed with fixed orthodontics. Once this is achieved, the role of the surgeon begins withsurgery phase to close the oral and nasal communication. This is phase one.Note that the fixed Orthodontics treatment is still underway at this phase too.

Phase Two will involve completion of the fixed orthodontic treatment and surgical correction of the nose.

Phase Three will see the entry of the Prosthodontist. The oral cavity of a cleft patient presents either with all complement of teeth present or few missing teeth specially in the cleft region. This is where the Prosthodontist comes in, who artistically restores the missing and crooked teeth. This may involve Dental Implant if bone conditions permit or Fixed Dental Prosthesis, more commonly known as Fixed Bridge.

Rehabilitation of Cleft Patient is thus a multispeciality treatment where in a streamlined treatment plan is necessary to achieve wonderful results.We at Dental World strive to avhieve just that. Our goal is to gift our patients a beautiful smile and an attitude to take on life with renewed vigour.

All Views Expressed Here are an Estimate of the Treatment Plan and Time, and the Clinicians own. Views may vary from Clinician to Clinician and based on the Presenting Features.