Total knee replacement (TKR) is arguably one of the most successful orthopaedic procedures. However, a successful surgery does not mean a successful outcome. Post total knee replacement,  there are few things a surgeon and patient should follow:

  • P: Patience in patients is the key! No matter what is written or spoken about TKR, in the first few days to four to six weeks, the patient will be a bit slow in everything. Keeping a strong mind and body certainly helps in a quick recovery. Tender loving care by the family members as well as the attending health care provider will go a long way.
  • R: Regular check of  diabetes, blood pressure or any other medical condition.
  • I: Immobility, NO! Regular exercises of the operated joint will help in gaining the movements back quickly.  Once recovered,  keeping regular walks, possibly with an attendant or family members will help keep the joints supple.
  • S: Strength of the bones. Regular checking of vitamin D , vitamin B12 and osteoporosis will help in maintaining "bone health". Weak bones can loosen TKR implants
  • M:  Movements on the long run. Avoid extreme range of movements in operated knee as much as possible so that the implants can survive for long. Take care of your knee!