Gastroenteritis drains the body. This infection is common during sweltering summers, when foods cooked at home can get infected within hours.

Treatment is not difficult if liquids as given as Diet Therapy along with the medicines -anti-parasitic, antibiotics along with Probiotics.

People insist upon taking fruits during any illness. People insist upon taking daal-roti-subji-rice because they feel that the suffering person will recover faster, if fed well.

Overfed stomach is likely to get distended & irritated causing vomiting to get rid of extra loads.

Vomiting drains the system of essential juices manufactured by liver & sent towards the stomach which is a part of 6 feet long food-pipe rolled in the abdominal cavity. 

We have to replenish the essentials. Food-pipe is irritated due to infection. This Irritable Bowel is Transient.

For recovery, Diet Therapy is as Important as Medicines:

Avoid Heavy Solids as Foods till total Recovery.

  • Take Lots of Water & ORS in the form of nourishment.
  • Plain water causes distention.
  • Too much sugar can aggravate Diarrhoea ( kids can go on and on taking Glucon C and water).
  • Too Much salt can cause Nausea & Vomiting, making oral intake impossible (chips & namkeens, processed & packed foods because Salt is Preservative).
  • This is the reason for Formula of ORS with just enough Minerals like Sodium,Potassium, Sugar & Salt.
  • ORS sachets along with adequate amounts of water can be given to young kids & lives can be saved through ORS to avoid dehydration.
  • In adults dehydration can manifest as low grade fever, as aches, pains and as feelings of getting confused.

Diet therapy to avoid intravenous fluids & hospitalization-

1) Give Natural Probiotics 

What are probiotics?

We have good bacteria in our food pipe which help us digest food. Antibiotics kill good bacteria along with bad bacteria, causing infection in the 6 feet long food pipe rolled into our abdominal cavity.

Best Probiotic is Curd & Chachh made with diluted toned milk.

2) Fresh Lemon Juice with just enough sugar & pinch of salt.

3) Fresh Coconut water (there is no upper limit). Encourage the person to take sips only.

4) Diluted toned Milk as beverage of your choice- tea, coffee, high protein powders.

5) Fat Free Biscuits as solids because they are digested faster without putting loads on stomach.

6) Clear Soups

Avoid Heavy Foods because a loaded stomach can induce vomiting, while a clear and empty stomach works like a drip, as if drops of nourishment are passed on to the system through lining of stomach instead of through needles and intravenous route.

Recovery is faster if simple precautions are taken along with the medicines.