Depression is a silent daemon which is engulfing our generation more rapidly than ever. People are depressed because of job stress, children are depressed due to cyberbullying, youth is depressed due to inattention and peer pressure and older people are depressed due to diseases and health conditions. The deadliest aspect of depression is that no one gets a clue about it, until it hits you hard. Here are some tips to get you started in your fight back against depression.

  • Seek help

The most important and difficult step to curing the depression is to acknowledge to the condition, first analyze your condition and then seek help; it could be an experienced friend or a professional. Also seeks help of various support groups on the internet, discuss strategies and implement on those to get out of depression.

  • Exercise

When you Exercise your body releases the endorphins, which has been scientifically proven to help in depression, give your mind the time to relax. Taking a short walk outside can uplift your mood instantly.

  • Read a book

Reading the books keeps your mind engaged and you do not think about any depressing thing. Choose a book in which you have interest in this way you can learn new things and it automatically takes you away from depression.

read a book
  • Eat healthy and clean

Many people take eating as an alternative to get away from depression which leads to other health issues along with depression. Cut down excess fats and sugar, choose a healthy diet, in order to fight depression you must have a healthy body.

Eat Healthy and clean
  • Quit drinking alcohol and smoking

Drinking alcohol or smoking will not   solve your problem and depression, you may get a temporary relief but it will only push you deep into this mess, alcohol depresses the mind and smoking will make you addictive. A combination of both might prove fatal.

  • Play a sport

Playing a sport develops a new habit and you develop new aspects of your personalities like discipline, courage, team spirit, plus it get you healthy both physically and mentally.

  • Love yourself

love, pamper , take good care of yourself, groom better, take care of your skin, look good and clean, this will make you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence.

  • Laughter

Again, laughter releases the endorphins in the mind, which make you feel better, improves the blood circulation around the face which makes you look younger. So Watch your favorite comedy movie or video and get yourself out of the depression.

  • Learn something new

You can do something new and creative, learn a course or language, it will make your brain create some new space for new things and delete older bad memories.

  • Be courageous

It takes great determination and courage to get above a disease like depression, you have to work on building your temperament and take responsibility.