With the wedding season on are you ready to walk the aisle for your friends or for yourself when it's your day with a glowing skin and tight shapely, well-sculpted body or dull, patchy skin with fat pockets are bothering you? If these are your concerns then read on for few easy tips which can help you feel better and also look stunning this season!

Few tips:

For patchy dull skin: Drink 4-5 litres of the body as its water our body is mostly made up of and also is crucial for a great healthy skin and body.

Also, going for a microdermabrasion and glow pack in the concerned area of the body and also taking an expert dermatologist’s consultation who can judge your skin well and accordingly give you an ideal sunscreen, moisturizing routine, etc will definitely take the dullness far away from you.But please do not try something new just a few days before the day as disasters are more difficult to manage and I see girls coming to me more with them, after self-medication and bleaching at small parlours which have not maintained hygiene, etc.

 A good diet which should not be the one that will create a yo-yo effect! Meaning it should not starve you but instead increase your basal metabolic rate and help you lose weight gradually and also sustain it over a good long time and lot let the dullness come on the skin which is commonly seen with starvation diets. Eating fruits of the season particularly 2 oranges a day will definitely help in boosting skin immunity with the high vitamin c content in it. 

Nothing beats beating your record each day in cardio, a regular exercise routine will help you live long, healthy and better besides getting your body in shape and if you are late this season and have too much weight to shed before the date it will help you at least increase the tone of your muscles.

Mesolipolysis which is small microinjections of drugs which spot dissolve the fat is also a good option for the season and I personally feel its helpful in double chin and love handles the most ie: sides of the stomach. Also insides of thigh it seems helpful.

Few infrared and ultrasonic machines are there which help stimulate the collagen for tightness, fat for lysis and also make the body bar higher and help individuals boost their cardio exercises at a greater pace.

Thermage is the skin tightening machine which is a gold standard in the world for lifting, contouring and tightening. It is clinically proven and FDA approved, safe, non-invasive, no downtime and single sitting cosmetic procedure which stimulates new collagen production to give you a firmer, fitter appearance.