Body fat, it seems like everybody around us is trying to lose it, has tried to lose it, or has lost it and unfortunately has gained it again. There are a lot of misguided people out there about weight loss, they are working out well, but they are not getting the desired result. The truth behind the weight loss and fat loss is the concept that actually 10 % has to do with exercise and fitness, 90 % has to do with what you eat and put into your mouth. Everybody likes to exercise but nobody no body want to diet because you have to pay attention to diet every time, if you don’t, your results is going to suffer. For those who are struggling to trim down the excess fat of your body, here are 10 fat loss tips that can help you maintain ideal weight, shred body fat and stick to a diet.

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You need to prepare your meal ahead of the time. When you are hungry you lose the will power and you order some crap from the home delivery service and your diet is sabotaged because you did not prepare your meal in advance. You can store your Sunday roast leftovers and can make a healthy, homemade sandwich and portion out your meal, so that you always have something planned and prepared, ready to eat. 

Preparation is important


 You need to have a clear diet plan, you cannot diet suddenly, and it has to be well planned and structured. You have to stick to this plan in order to succeed.

Get rid of crap

Get rid of the crappy food out of your sight and house, if you are not seeing it, chances are that you don’t want to eat it. Throw away the crap stored in your refrigerator and pantry and do not cheat with your diet plan.

Limit the eat out

Some people will argue that they can stay on a diet and eat out as they are choosing the healthier dishes from the menu, here is the problem with this, if you are not aware of the food preparation process, you will not realize how much of the extra salt, preservatives and fats are actually going into cooking in your plain chicken breast and broccoli.

Don’t overlook weight scale

Do not give extra attention to the number on the weighing scale. Some people take the weighing scale numbers so seriously that even a slight increase is enough to give them a panic attack. Remember it is a slow and steady process and you need stay patient in order to lose the body fat. A little bit of fluctuation is normal, do not let it ruin your day.

Don't Over look the scale

It’s not diet it’s a lifestyle

In order to lose body fat and to maintain it, you have to stick to your well planned diet plan and make it a lifestyle. When you think you are restricting something , you want to have it more and with the diet you need to understand that this is not a  short term thing, that is why so many people achieve the success of shredding the fat but they regain that fat because they crash the diet.


Be consistent with your healthy water intake, take minimum 2-3 liters of water daily, do not substitute water with soda, and other calorie filled drinks which are otherwise harmful for your body and could stop your progress. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and energetic.



Do not just count the calories you are consuming, instead focus on the quality of the calories. Healthy foods are less caloric-wise dense than non healthy foods, focus on eating the food that is high in quality.

Have a smart relaxed eating day

Once in a while, give yourself an indulgence day, it does not mean stuffing yourself with calories, be smart, and eat healthy food.

Be consistent

If somehow you stay have some off day and you could not maintain the quality of your diet do not lose hope, start again, be consistent with clean eating. You are going to fail sometimes but the one who stays consistent will succeed in losing the excess body fat.