Rigorous weight loss program, a strict diet is sometimes like catching the golden deer , “Mrigmarichika” . People lose weight after a lot of tries and then comes the yo-yo effect, i.e. a never ending story of weight loss and regaining of weight ,to the top of these the advice of weight loss and the impending doom. The warnings come from the doctor regarding diabetes, knee trouble , hypertension and heart disease. Weight loss needs a strict diet and should be complemented by exercise. Does being fat is always bad or it can be sign of fitness?. What about this paradox? Healthy and unhealthy obesity. Patients with darkening of the neck, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, unwanted hair growth over the face and painful joints are the ones who have the signs of poor health with obesity. There are many who do not throw these poor signs and are the ones may fall under the healthy obesity. It has been examined in research that obese individuals are more healthy. They take in a better chance of survival when they have a heart attack, diabetes or malignancy . Leaving few cancers in the rest the survival benefit is more when you are obese. The females who are overweight have better and healthier bones after menopause. What about this paradox? During the time of deficiencies , feminine our bodies have built up this defense to conserve in the form of fat over the centuries. It is like the Ant and the Grasshopper story . We demand to have reserves for the time in the future when we will be requiring it.If the obese ones especially who fall into the category of being overweight or grade one obesity need not lose weight if they are not having the red herring signs. Obesity is classified as BMI i.e. body mass indicator. In India, the targets are the little bit different from the west. BMI targets Less than 24 is normal24-29 is overweight30 to 34 grade1 obesity35 to 39 grade 2 obesity 40 and above severe obesity.There is enough information in research supporting the bad effects of weight in the grade 2and above in obesity. Overweight and grade one obesity if they do not have poor markers of metabolism weight loss is not required.these people are happier and contained in life.survival benefits in overweight people are better. Fat acts as a cushion during the times of emergency.in cricket we play with guard and pads ,to avoid injury. The concept of this paradox is for those who don't experience the bad signs and can be happy with their weight.the So do not get carried away with the idea of being obese and the coming doom.It can be a boon for you. Fat is fit.