Most people trying to lose weight and get fit, want quick fixes. As a result, people attempt quick fix solutions like crash diets, which fail miserably.

Think about how long it took you to put on weight. It took time and most people don’t think about this, but it took some hard work too. Do you know what kind of hard work goes into putting on weight?

Let’s do some simple math and find out:

Take a small-medium* sized Pastry or a similar Samosa. They both have approximately 100 calories individually. 1 kg of fat equates to 7700 calories. Which means, to gain 1 kg of fat, you need to eat 77 pastries or samosas.

So if you have put on 10 kilograms over the last two years you have consumed an excess of 770 pastries or samosas!

That’s some serious hard work!

Now that you worked so hard to put on fat, maybe you need to put in some hard work to lose the fat also.

Assuming that at your current diet and activity, you’re weight is constant. If you’re trying to lose weight, try 500 calorie fixes per day. Which means, you can eat 250 calories less than your current diet and perform exercise for the remaining 250 calories.

Don’t attempt to lose too much weight too soon as fat is not an easy come and easy go thing. First, it’s unhealthy for human body to experience such drastic changes and drastic measures are short term fixes which result in long term weight gain. If you really want to get into better shape, think small lifestyle changes, like eating more fruits, getting regular exercise and soon you’ll be on your way to losing all that extra lard from your problem areas.

So get smart. Getting into shape is easy, As long as you have the right strategy.