Back Pain is the second biggest reason to visit a doctor, yet people ignore it.  “Most of this can be prevented and treated, that too, non-surgically and without involving any medication or exercises at home”.

You can have back pain without back damage or injury

 Back pain is unique to each person and it is not imaginary, even if things like stress or poor sleep are a part of the problem. Being aware of the different factors can give you a better understanding of your pain and what needs to be done to handle it. 

Don't take back pain lying down and don't rush for Surgery

When people get back pain, it is common for them to go to bed and rest until all pain is gone. While you may feel relief initially, prolonged rest is unhelpful, and is associated with higher levels of pain and longer absence from work.

Back is designed for bending and lifting. It is important to be conditioned to lift and shown how to lift heavy things correctly and safely.

Surgery is rarely an option for back pain. Unfortunately, many people are sent too quickly for surgery such as lumbar fusions.

Exercising the weak core muscles is good for back pain

Many people are given frightening information about exercise and to stick with low-impact activities like walking. The thinking around the spine is distorted and infused with panic. “Weak muscles” are the root cause of back pain. When we move our back, the large muscle groups like hip and thigh muscles take most of the load leaving core back muscles in a state of “disuse”.

Treatment at Orthocure Clinic

  • We first reduce pain going down your legs by using the Spinal Decompression Machine (from Canada)and then, strengthen the muscles on the Medical Exercise Machine (from USA), thereby, treating the root cause of the pain.

Strengthening done on Medical Exercise Machine at Orthocure clinic

  • In India Orthocure is offering first and only such facility from USA. It strengthens core muscles by isolating them. Computerized testing is another unique feature of this treatment which shows how weak your back muscles are compared to a “normal” adult. Also, there are no side effects as both are non-invasive treatments with no medicines or injections. Patient is under close medical supervision throughout the treatment.