Back pain is very common, every person suffers a back pain at least once in their lifetime. In India it is found to be 6.2 to 90% with increase in prevalences with age. Females are more affected due multiple issues for example post pregnancy weight gain or muscular imbalances (Just an example).

Some of the examples for best exercises for home use are:

1) Back extensions:- Putting load on hands and extending the back so that back is arched. 

Back Extension

2) Leg raises:- Good exercises for both lower abdomen and quads. One of the most favourite exercises for most of the health care professionals.


3) Bridging exercises:- Legs in bend position,  lifting the pelvic up. Fantasting exercises for Lower back strengthening and Gluteal muscle activation


4) Cat and Camel :- One of the most well known exercises for postural correction. Person on all fours, arching the back upwards and downwards. Simple and effective exercises.

Cat Camel

All the above exercises are for general population only. There are many reasons for back pain, it is always recommended that before starting these exercises please consult Physiotherapist as they are right people for guided exercises.