A problem which is many a times nightmare for the parents..

What is evening colic..?? It is spasmodic cramps, during first 3 months of life. Pain typicaly begins in the evening and baby is inconsolable. Parents frequently complains of excessive cry which is at peak in eve and night hours n settle down during morning hours.

While cranky and crying baby can be a good reason for parents agony, they need to understand that it is a benign condition and will resolve as the age of baby progresses.

Treatment can be divided into two categories...

Medical - Talk to your doctor...counselling is necessary so that you can understand what all to be done...Rather than going for antispasmodic druge..opt for enzyme and anti colic medicines...

Home remedies.. Apply Asafoetida (heeng) on abdomen which has calming effect on baby. Work great as a placebo.

Preventive : I have tried this in many of my babies...and have seen good results..Never breast feed your baby when you yourself are empty stomach. Before you feed just take few cookies or an apple or something else.

So mums and dads just have a talk to your doctor and follow their adviae and what all I tried telling you.

You'll be surprised with the results.

Good Luck.