1. Need to activate your core not only while doing exercises but also while doing  almost each and every activity such as sitting standing and all transitions of movements

How do you activate your core??

Place your left index finger and middle finger in the soft tissue space equidistant between the left iliac crest and the lowest rib on the left side. From that position move your fingers 1 inch to medially. Do the same on your right side.

To activate your core muscles (TA) either: a) draw your belly button into your spine, b) pretend you are trying to stop yourself from doing a wee (using pelvic floor muscles) or c) try to turn on your lower abdominal muscles.

You should feel tension under your fingers (like tightening the sheets) but your fingers should not be pushed upwards, as this means you are using the more superficial muscles (external and internal oblique).

  • Keep the TA muscle working ,Try these exercises and Try to activate TA prior to each movements in your every day activities:

2  You need to have flexible hamstring muscle, otherwise its prime reason giving abnormal strain on lower back on walking, standing and even sitting

  • How do I know my hamstrings are tight ??

If you are sitting in long sitting position and unable to sit straight or your knees are bent then your hamstrings are tight.


3. Reducing additional stress of back pain on top of other stresses by observing pain and trying to mark areas of pain and understanding its intensity. This keen observation will enable you to deal with pain in better way.