Monsoon gives happiness to everyone after months of scorching heat. It also brings many diseases because of sudden change of temperature, contamination of food and water due to breeding bacteria, insects, etc.

•Cold and Cough                                                                                                               




•Malaria, etc.

General care to be taken during Monsoon

•Avoid taking outside food

•Have filtered water and fresh food

•Avoid collected water in parks, streets, etc. 

•Dry your feet properly if they get wet

•Avoid overcrowded areas

•Keep surroundings clean and dry to avoid breeding of mosquitoes, bacteria, etc 

•Use mosquito repellents

•Special care to be taken by those who suffer from allergies, old people and children

Monsoons can be enjoyed in a healthier way by taking the above precautions.Do not ignore symptoms like fever, cold, cough, diarrhoea etc.