Diwali is full of joy, family, happiness & FOOD of course! Sweets are a celebration for most of us. Sweet which smells good tests good, makes you feel energic & also makes you feel better is proving challenging not only for the body but also for your mental health. 

In day-to-day meals, we do get sugar from fruits, rice, vegetables and grains, etc. Eating too much sweet can increase the impulsivity to feed. High consumption of sugar can lead to change in neurobiological functions of the brain which changes the state of emotions and behavior. Being irritable, anxious and depressed are some of the known risks with high consumption of sugar. 

Tips to break the ties

1. Sugar ''free'' rewards: Generally the sweet food items are used as rewards or gesture of love etc. However now we need to replace the sweet reward with some actionable activities such as Walk, play a song, play with pet, etc.  

2. Handling sugar Cravings: Sometimes uncontrollable cravings lead to high sugar intake. Sour fruits and lemon juice at that time should be helpful. Distract, deep berating & discussing your craving will also help overcome the urge. 

3.  Emotional Eating: To overcome stress, anxiety, low mood, sadness, and boredom people use sweet food. let just practice questioning the decision of eating. ask this one question before eating 'Am I using food to make myself feel better? ' 

We’re not recommending that you cut out all sugar completely, but it’s no secret we highlight limiting the consumption of added sugar.