Emotional Intelligence and Type A/B personality of management students

Vidya Barnes *


The study attempted to find relationship between Emotional Intelligence (EI)and Type A/B personality make up of 89 Management students from different Management Institutes of Mumbai. There were 36 MMS(Masters in MS- management studies) , 34 BMS (Bachelors in MS) and 19 DMS (Diploma in MS) students in the study . The finding have shown a non significant correlation between EI and Type A/B personality (p :< -0.05). There was a significant mean difference in scores between MMS and BMS students on EI ((t: 3.89,p:<0.01) and Type A/B personality ((t:3.36, p:<0.01 ), There was also significant difference between MMS and DMS students on EI (t: 3.56,p:<0.01) and Type A/B Personality(t:5.5, p:<0.01 ),  and there was significant mean difference between BMS and DMS on Type A/B personality((t:2.23, p :< 0.05)) The means obtained by the MMS group was higher than the other two group of students on  both the variables of EI (224.30) and Type A/B personality(35.28). The results thus indicate that the MMS students have a higher level of EI and are more competitive, hardworking and highly motivated Individuals. 


*Vidya Barnes , Ph.D scholar from Janakidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai 

'EI and Personality Types A/B' (2012) research article published in Bombay Psychologist,Vol. XXVIII.