Do you experience pain in your pelvic region? You might be having from Fibroids in your uterus! The best way to get rid of fibroids is Uterine Fibroid Embolisation. It has a success rate of 90%. You can recover in 1 day and resume your daily activities ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. 

So what exactly is fibroid non surgical treatment or fibroid embolisation?

First of all, fibroid is benign non cancerous growth in your uterus. It's one of the most common problem that a women faces in her life time.

Fibroids in the uterus can be quite painful. It might also lead to heavy menstrual bleeding and intense pain in pelvic region. No just there, eventually over a period of time patients might have difficulty passing urine because it starts pushing the bladder.

Unlike surgery, embolisation is performed by an Interventional Radiologist and not a gynaecologist. This is unfortunately the deciding factor for most women as they are more comfortable with a female gynaecologist who they feel are well equipped to deal with fibroids.

Although it is true that traditionally fibroid treatment has been the domain of your gynaecologist doctor. This is fast changing as embolisation or non surgical treatment of fibroid can only be done by a skilled Interventional Radiologist and a gynaecologist cannot perform this procedure which often delivers better results than surgery.

So not only is an Interventional Radiologist better at treating fibroid, in most cases patients walk out happily seeing a drastic reduction in their symptoms in matter of days. Such results are impossible with traditional surgery.

So what exactly do interventional radiologists do for fibroids? 

Well the procedure is pretty simple. Think of it like an angiogram. After giving local anaesthesia, the Interventional Radiologist will put a small tube into one of the vessels of your right. Though that, he will introduce another long tube called ' catheter ' which will ultimately reach the blood vessels supplying the fibroid. All this is done while watching a fluoroscopy monitor. 

Once the feeding vessel of fibroids are reached, the doctor will start putting some materials which will permanently seal the supply to the fibroid. After this, he remove the tube and ask the patient to take bed rest for couple of hours. The patient will get discharged the very next day.

So what are the advantages of embolisation for fibroid ?

  1. It is a scar less procedure. So your the abdomen will always be scar free.
  2. You can be discharged the very next day.
  3. Success is equal to surgery.
  4. No need to worry about the complications or risks of surgery since this is unlike a surgery.
  5. Finally walk back to work within few days.