Elephantiasis is a parasite disease where the legs of a human look like the legs of an elephant.

  • Curable if detected early. Simple medicine, used for De-worming & other medicines are added, if detected late.
  • Transmission is through Mosquitoes.
  • Human to human transmission is not possible.
  • Serve the affected person with Love & Care.
  • Avoid Exposure to Mosquitoes for the sake of lots of other diseases caused by Mosquitoes.
  • Chances of Thyroid Function getting Low are plenty.
  • Legs Swollen, Low Thyroid Function & a Menopausal Woman who can afford lots of referrals.

Specific Antigen Test For Elephantiasis is done, if legs show swelling which can be due to-

  • Weak Heart
  • Anemia
  • Kidney Disease
  • Liver Disease
  • Low Functional Thyroid Gland

Simple Blood tests can rule out most of the above diseases.

Heart Functions can be Assessed By Echo-Cardiography.

If Rest of the tests are in normal range, do get specific antigen test for Elephantiasis ,also called Filariasis

Filaria is the parasite which is transmitting this disease to humans through Mosquitoes as Carriers.

Treatment may last for 6 months and specific medicine is time tested Hetrazan (Dimethylcarbamazine)

Regarding Cosmetic changes, the fluid collected is not water retention.

It is Lymphatic fluid which is not fully drained to reduce the swellings on the legs.

If no treatment is given, swellings & parasitic infection spread to the entire body,making person immobile

If treatment is started early, damage is less ,mobility retained and there are no untoward effects of disease or the medicines taken under Supervision of the treating doctor.