Ejaculatory Incompetence


Here there is failure of ejaculation during intravaginal containment.


Instead of the squeeze technique, as in the case of premature ejaculation, the female partner is advised to manipulate the penis to force ejaculation. Moistening methods may be used to avoid penile irritation. It may take a few days to accomplish this. Later rapid intromission of the penis should be accomplished by the wife in female superior position and pelvic thrusting attempted. If the male still does not ejaculate, the wife should end the coital connection and restore to manual stimulation. As the husband, now conditioned to manipulator response, reaches the stage of ejaculatory control, he should inform his wife. She should remain in the female superior position while manipulating the penis, and from the positional advantage quietly reinsert the penis into the vagina. After 3 or 4 such attempts, confidence in intravaginal ejaculating performance will have been achieved.


Posted by Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari, Wnho Clinic, 2014 sadashiv peth, Tilak road, Pune. Free to call for further information.