Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao Anday – the jingle rhymes well and has a great message. As an egg a day provides you with all the necessary nutrition required for the day. Treat yourself with an omelet for the breakfast or gulp a boiled one. Choice is yours.

Eggs as a matter of fact are one of the prehistoric foods prevalent and rocking till date. Our savior has been saving against going hungry in late nights, early mornings, over hostel boring food or during exam times. Besides saving you from that hunger it contains much nutrition than any other food alone. So let’s get started on knowing our little friend here.

Egg White and Yolk

An egg has mainly two parts commonly known as egg white and egg yolk. Egg white is believed to be more nutritious than the yolk. Unlike yolk which is high in fats (lipids), egg white contains almost no fat and carbohydrate content is less than 1%. Egg white also has medicinal value for it is used to make vaccines such as for influenza etc. 

Nutritional Value

A whole hard boiled chicken egg has Energy- 155 kcal, carbohydrates- 1.12g, fat- 10.6, protein-12.6g and also has appropriate nutritional elements such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, Iron, potassium, zinc etc. it means if had an egg or two in the day you are all power packed for the day that doesn’t mean you skip meals.

You can try many recipes with eggs but try the healthy ones for instant while making an omelet keep it a little raw do not overcook. Add a raw egg to your after workout smoothie and you are all charged up. 

The Other Side

Besides all the nutritional and tasty facts, if consumed in excess, there are some ill-effects on health.

Heart Attack

Consuming more than required eggs can lead to a high risk of cardiovascular attack. It is seen that consuming eggs continuously every day increases the blood levels of metabolite which in turn promotes atheroslerosis, trimethylamine-N-oxide and leads to high risk of heart attack.


Also believed to play a role in Type 2 Diabetes it also increases fat and cholesterol level in our body.


Just consuming the egg does not ensure your good health as you should check with your vendor all the details regarding the preservation process, how they reach your door finally. They may be stored in unhygienic conditions which leaves them contaminated thus is good for nothing. So be alert.


Also some people may face some allergy as there may be contamination in the eggs. So be careful with that little bomb haha!!!! 

Don’t worry it’s perfectly fine to have eggs after intervals and do have complete knowledge of how they arrive in your plate. Eat healthy Grow healthy!!!!!!