Peanuts are as good as expensive nuts like walnut. Every nut gives us proteins and good fats to keep bad cholesterol in check. We need these proteins to cope up with daily wear and tear and during growing up years as building blocks like bricks. 

Proteins are as essential to our body like bricks are to a building but buildings are not shedding hair and nails every day like our bodies do or internally cells of every organ are undergoing wear and tear and getting repaired. Life span of a red blood cell is 120 days.

Proteins are also called amino acids.

Amino acids are essential and non essential.

A healthy body makes enough to meet Metabolic needs.

Food or supplements are needed during disease or during growing up years , during pregnancy and lactation or after major surgeries like a bypass heart surgery.

Arginine is one such Essential Amino Acid. It has recently being introduced in Indian markets as sachets @ 30-40/- per day.

Arginine stimulates secretion of growth hormone , helps remove ammonia,a waste from the body.

Arginine also relaxes blood vessels and helps cope with symptoms related to Congestive Heart Failure.

It may lower BP.

Animal sources are the usual ones like pork,beef, chicken,mutton & Dairy products for Vegetarians.

Plant based foods are Soya, Pumpkinseeds, Seasame Seeds, Peanuts and Walnuts.

Grains like Oats & Wheat Germ deliver Arginine as do Cereals made from Oats ,rice or Wheat.These are fortified with extra Arginine.

As doctors it is our duty to Simplify Life.

It is our duty to make life less expensive and easy.

It is also our duty to enlighten people about products offering similar benefits like synthetic products available in sachets or in foods as supplements.

People are complaining after heart surgery that they have consumed every penny and have been left with little funds to buy expensive medicines.

There is no research carried out about comparisons between walnuts and peanuts.

All I know is about the laborer munching Peanuts leading a healthy life and may be living beyond 90 

I am not against sachets available over the counter or foods fortified with Arginine to Highlight the Benefits of This Essential Amino acid ,the main building block required by our body from infancy obtained through milk of mother to ripe old age.

If Peanuts are a Rich source of Arginine , compared to other Veg and non Veg foods , why not go for it 

It is easy on pocket, available all through the year and in every part of our country.

A Katori of assorted Nuts per day for a healthy adult is enough to give important good fats plus good proteins including Essential Amino Acid like Arginine.

Go for it but make sure to eat a fistful only , dry roasted and not fried and without Salt.