Eating drinking chilled and AC fan all cause all vata(Pain fatigue cold swelling) n sex problems-Dr Vaibhav Lunkad

Of late we are seeing painful sore tired body, closed mind,zero sex or interest in life or job,that too, more common in young generation in 20-50.Also in teens and college boys we are seeing these complaints almost like an epidemic.Hormonal changes also happen and lifestyle disorders like obesity,diabetes,hypertension,Ischemic heart diseases are also on the rise due to all chilling habits-such as cold foods and drinks and increasing use of AC at highly cold temperatures and fast fans or coolers directly attacking the body surface.

Also speeding attack of winds on bikes without jackets and helmets causes severe arthritis,dry pigmented skin,and low BP attacks and unnecessary fatigue or fibromyalgia like symptoms, and of course erectile dysfunction like symptoms too.

   Going against nature then pay the price; so be careful of eating all cold and ice

Excess of carbs esp. rice; will increase all diseases like fast reproducing mice

Playing mischief with nature like excess fan vices and AC thinking we are rich and wise

Will cause all problems like sexual and body mind weakness and medicines alone won't suffice

Eating drinking misusing electronics and missing warm-up in relations and exercise

Cheating beating eating ill-treating and all work character if based on lies,fries and cries

The body spills the beans and disease roots whys and ties

What blocks is the problem in "I"s and eyes

and inferiority complexes of shapes and size

and being intelligent only moneywise and not healthwise

Please let this message make noise and my brothers sisters regain poise-Dr Vaibhav Lunkad