As a breastfeed mom you need to eat well to enrich your milk supply and keep your body functioning at it's best. you will need around 500 calorie/day but that doesn't mean you indulge yourself into panjeeris and ladoos. Eat whole and nutrient dense foods.

Some tips by which you can improve your diet:

  • WATER AND LIQUIDS: Water helps to detoxify your body. fresh fruit and vegetable juices, soups, broths and home made smoothies are also good source of hydration. stay away from artificial sweetened beverages.
  • PROTEINS: Each meal should contain proteins. For example, daals, eggs, paneer, cheese, milk and milk products
  • DARK GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES: Like spinach, methi have high levels of calcium, iron, vitamin-A, vitamin-K and folate which are super foods for breast feeding moms.
  • FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: The more the variety in terms of fresh fruits and vegetables the more complete nutrition will be there in terms of vitamins and mineral. for fruits and veggies try to eat as many colors as you can each day. eliminate those foods from your diet if they give you gas. Regional and seasonal varieties are the best. They are not only economical but also more nutritious and have less pesticides.
  • Wheat/Rice,whole wheat breads/Whole wheat pastas are required to give you energy throughout the day as well as during night. Also as for few days you need strength and stamina to meet demands of caring your new one.
  • Eat a well balanced diet for your and baby's health. If your diet is too low in calorie or any food group exclusion this will lead to poor quality and quantity of milk.
  •  Keep taking your vitamin supplements. It i good idea to continue your vitamins and minerals supplements after your delivery. Always talk to your doctor before you switch off from them.
  • CAFFEINE: I know you must be walking to have a cup of coffee to keep you awake but caffeine does not work into your breast milk. Baby's body is not prepared to process caffeine as quickly as an adult body. So if you are hoping that your baby will nap soon, wait to have coffee until baby is asleep. Plus coffee will hinder in absorption of iron and hence will make you more fatigued.
  • CHOCOLATE: It may contain caffeine and may have laxative. So again one should avoid having chocolates.
  • ALCOHOL:  Avoid alcohol altogether. Don't drink while your child drinks your milk.
  • AIM FOR SLOW AND STEADY WEIGHT LOSS: Some new moms find the weight just seems to fall off while others don't loose much of it. It all depends on your body, your food choices, your activity level and your metabolism. Loose your weight gradually. Don't try to loose weight by dieting until 3 months. A reduced diet in the first couple of months could gap your energy and diminish milk supply.