We all focus on low calorie foods, and eating healthy to lose weight, but are we eating satisfying foods? New research shows that eating certain foods satisfies you much more than others. Scientists think that this might be helpful for people who want to lose weight.

Studies have suggested that the more viscous or glutinous a food, the better is its satiety value. Different foods have different effect on energy production, and satiety is the feeling of fullness that arises after eating. Some examples of high satiety foods are potatoes, oats, porridge, steak, apples, oranges, brown pasta, and beans. High satiety food tends to be bulky, crunchy, fibrous textures which relatively make them difficult to chew and swallow.

It is often seen that when dieters cut their overall caloric intake, hunger pangs can sabotage their weight-loss efforts and affect their motivational level for following a healthy diet and exercise schedule which may cause diet failure and weight gain in the long run. So, foods with good textural index and satiety score could be used to enhance the feeling of fullness in such individuals and achieve their goals for weight loss or weight management.

Results have also indicated that satiety is most strongly related to the weight of the food consumed. In other words, the foods that weigh the most, satisfy our hunger faster, regardless of the number of calories they contain. However, higher amounts of certain nutrients, such as protein and dietary fiber, also appear to improve satiety.

So, include some of these high satiety foods in your diet, and satisfy your brain after a portion controlled meal.