Maintaining a healthy body contributes to the physical, emotional and all round well being of an individual; while obesity can pose a risk to the heart, blood pressure, bones (leading to osteoarthritis), elevated cholesterol levels, muscle pain and occurrence of diabetes at an early age.


  • While most of us cannot resist tasty food, diet is the primary battle to be won, then comes exercise.
  • Rome was not built in a day- make small changes, one at a time, allow your body to get used to these small changes, don't suddenly aim for a big change, you are bound to get disappointed that way.
  • BLAST THE FAST- do not fast. When you skip meals your metabolism slows down and your body begins to store any available energy as "fat". (Ouch!!)
  • Try low-calorie nutrition snacks like- popcorn, low-fat cheese, yogurt, fruits, non-fried snacks.
  • Grandma knows the best - The age-old practices of food eating were the healthiest, that is evident with your granny's and grandpa's strength, vigour and activeness even at 70. Trust them about food choices.
  • It is safe to lose 1- 1.5 pounds a week to reduce your calorie intake 250 cal a day. And burn 250 calories by exercise per day. Rapid weight loss is unhealthy and may make your mind pounce on the sight of food.
  • Diversify your diet - include pulses, lentils, beans, peas, fruits and natural foods rather than packed foods.
  • Home cooked food - 2 Idlis, 2 Dosas, 2 Rotis, Upma, Pongal, 1cup of Green Tea (reduce coffee and tea intake) for breakfast and dinner, and 2 cups of Rice with Dal and Vegetables for lunch, fresh fruits/dry fruits/sprouts for snacks.
  • Aim for 40 -60 min of cardio (walking/swimming/cycling/jogging/aerobics/Zumba) to get your calories burning. Make sure you warm up before you start and cool down post the exercise session.

Do's and dont's:

  • Do not sleep as soon as you eat.
  • Keep dinner light and finish eating by 7 or 8 pm (2 hours before you sleep)
  • Do not skip breakfast. Consider it as the most important meal of the day.
  • Always make a shopping list, and don't indulge in impulsive buying of food.
  • Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of proteins and fibers. Reduce carbohydrate (sugary food) intake.
  • Boil your vegetables rather than frying them.
  • Always talk positively about yourself or your body. Do not indulge in self-criticism. There is always a way to become healthy. And the way is within - your will.

Right now, seems good!

Note- Aim to take small but consistent steps, towards a healthy body. Always believe that a healthy body will keep you energized and give you a radiating glow.