Beans are a great source of nutrition containing essential vitamins and minerals important for healthy living. Beans can be eaten to lose weight as well as build muscles. Beans contain protein, healthy carbohydrate and is low fat and low sodium making it a healthy choice to add to your diet.

Beans are also high in soluble and insoluble fiber which fills up your stomach, so you consume fewer calories. As it is high in protein, the body requires more calories to burn fiber and and protein. Beans are also rich in carbohydrates, which with protein helps you gain muscles.

Few examples of beans are kidney beans, lima Beans, fava beans, soy beans etc. They are low in fat helping you in your endeavor to weight loss. The low sodium in beans help keep the cholesterol level in check. Beans are beneficial for a healthy heart and keeps the artery functioning properly.

It is easily available and is easy to cook. Carry it as salads or have it with your meals and get all their health benefits.