It is sweet, cool, tasty, digestible and greasy as well as creates constipation. Its use reduces fatness. It increases the sperm count and stops the stool. Its use becomes the cause of flatulence. It ends the burning sensation and swelling. It eliminates gas and bile disorders. It also ends exhaustation.


Throat diseases:

Toast the leaves of Indian plum tree and mix rock salt in this paste. Taking this preparation is an efficacious medicine to get relief in hoarseness. Its use makes the voice clear.

Mouth diseases:

Gargling with the decoction of plum tree’s leaves 2-3 times a day ends mouth blisters. Regularly gargling with the decoction of bark and leaves of plum tree removes mouth blisters and gums’ looseness caused by taking any medicine like camphor, etc. Its use checks the discharge of saliva from the mouth.

Ear pain:

Grind the stones of plum properly and filter it. Dropping this preparation in eyes provides relief in eyes’ pain and redness. 


Make a decoction by boiling 50 grams leaves of plum tree in 300 ml water. Gargling with this decoction is an efficacious medicine to remove mouth blisters and pimples.

Epistaxis (nose bleeding):

Grind the leaves of plum tree without water and apply it on the head; it prevents epistaxis.


If the patient has been suffering from pimples in and out of the nose, apply the pulp. It use provides relief.