This is a condition where the children have difficulties with studies and behavior in the
class room,  playground and at home but we find no hard neurological signs. This 
is often recognised in  a child who does not have good sports skills and poor balance. ( I was one of them!)

They tend to fall often.

Their running could be unusual. 

They struggle with buttons, shoe laces and riding a bike.

They can have problems with learning and social interaction.

They can have problems with spatial organisation and tend to walk into doors.

MRI scan is usually normal. Microarray testing, at times, reveals a small deletion.

The good news is many of these children have normal intelligence and their coordination
difficulties hold them from performing well in studies.  If we help them practise the skills, they can
improve. It takes longer for them compared to peers.

If we identify the specific difficulties, then they can be trained to overcome that