Diwali is the festival that is most widely celebrated in our nation which brings fun and togetherness. It is the happiest and the most memorable time that you spent with your family. 

There is a lot of fun and frolic at this special festival if you have small children at home. New outfits, traditional sweets and fireworks make this the most awaited festival and time of the year for children. 

But, did you know that every year around Diwali, hundreds of children visit the emergency department due to their carelessness while handling the fireworks? According to research, firework-related injuries are most common in children over the age of ten, as majority of them are unsupervised. 

Thus, with small children around, you must take some extra precautions so that your celebrations do not become a stumbling block. 

Here are a few dos and don'ts that you should keep in mind as a parent to make Diwali safer for your children.

Dos For Celebrating Diwali with Children

  • Make your children wear lightweight and comfortable cotton clothes that are not too loose or flowing.

  • Make sure that there is no combustible or inflammatory substance around while bursting crackers. 

  • Keep buckets of water and a first aid kit handy for emergencies.

  • Dispose the crackers carefully after you've burnt them. 

  • Make your children wash their hands after burning firecrackers to remove any dirt or smoke.

  • Wash your hands instead of sanitizing. Sanitisers are alcohol-based which means they are inflammable and might cause harm.  

  • Make your children wear masks if they are going to someone's house for the celebration or if you have guests.

Don'ts For Celebrating Diwali with Children

  • Avoid bursting firecrackers, if possible. If your children light crackers, make sure that they do it under your supervision.

  • Do not let your toddlers and babies come near the crackers.

  • Do not attempt to inspect a cracker that is not yet burst.

  • Do not let your children hold firecrackers close to their faces.

  • Do not leave the remnants of crackers on the ground. Always dispose of them properly.

  • Avoid events that are conducted indoors as they may increase your chances of becoming infected with the coronavirus.

  • Don’t forget to follow social distancing. Since coronavirus instances are still being reported, you must strictly adhere to the safety guidelines.

Follow these simple tips if you have children at home. Wishing you a wonderful and safe Diwali.

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