Thalassemia is a disease in which there is a continuous deficiency of blood in the body. Our blood has a protein known as hemoglobin which supplies the oxygen to the all cells of the body. In Thalassemia the production of hemoglobin is less than what is required in the body, which causes the anemia, in severe cases the person needs multiple blood transfusions. Here are some home remedies for Thalassemia that you can try to get maximum relief.

What can I do for my Thalassemia?

Home remedies for Thalassemia

  • A lot of people suffering from Thalassemia experience weakness of the bones, so you need to eat calcium rich food. To get vitamin D, take the sunbath of 5-10 minutes early in the morning when sun rays are not so strong.
  • Tulsi juice: Take 4-5 teaspoon of fresh Tulsi juice to get relief in Thalassemia. You can take it anytime in the day.
  • Folic acid: Eat food rich in folic acid like lentils, bananas, soy products, beetroot, and sweet potatoes.
  • Do not start any multivitamin without asking your doctor.
  • Wheat Grass Juice:

Wheat grass juice has been found extremely beneficial in the cases of Thalassemia. Start taking wheat grass juice on empty stomach and in evening.Grow wheat grass at home: take 5-7 empty pots and put soil in it. Now add some soaked wheat in each pot on alternate day, so that you get wheat grass daily. You can put these pots in your kitchen as these do not need much sunlight to grow. After 1 week the grass will grow and when it gets to about 1 finger high cut the grass. Clean it and make its juice by blending it in the blender. Drink this juice fresh after straining, as it starts to lose its efficacy after 15 minutes.

Its a hard Disease to live with,these tips might help.